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Study: TSS Tahfiz

Where 10 to 15-year-olds memorise Al Quran, study Islam and prepare for formal academic exams.

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Location: Where are we?

Officially commencing at our NEW school block at Sunsuria Avenue 7, Setia Alam from Oct 2017.

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About Us: Why TSS?

Get to know us better and explore your child's tahfiz education and study options with us.

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The Sunnah School

• What parents and students can expect •

Memorise Al Quran

The first 3 years of the TSS Program focuses on the full 30 juz' memorisation of Al Quran using a highly systematic and effective methodology that ensures results.

Islamic Education

Throughout the 6-years, students will complete a comprehensive Islamic syllabus from Primary to Secondary Level, aligned to the teachings of Al Quran and authentic Sunnah.

Academics Intensive

The final 3 years of the program focuses on preparing your child for their GCSE and GCE A-Level exams at an accelerated pace designed only for TSS students.

JAIS Approved

The Sunnah School has obtained approval and licensing from Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (Selangor Islamic Religious Department) or JAIS to function as a Tahfiz School.

Strictly English

With students from all over the world, no child should feel left out at any time. Thus, only the use of English is allowed at TSS, and Arabic, of course.

Positive Corrections

No "rotan" (cane), hitting or physical means are used to discipline students. Non-contact corrective measures such as counselling and no play time are used instead.

Congregational Prayer

Students will perform all obligatory prayers together, call for adhan and iqamah, and learn to lead as Imam. During Ramadhan, taraweeh prayers are conducted as well.

Gender Segregation

Male and female students are constantly being separated at all times during class, prayers, meals and play, and stay in separate boarding units.

Visa Application

International students will be assisted with the application of Visit Pass for study at The Sunnah School. ONLY STUDENTS are eligible for visa application.

Nutritious Meals

Delicious meals are being carefully selected and prepared to ensure that students get what they need to keep them healthy and going strong throughout the program.

Comfortable Dorms

At the end of the day, students return to take a hot shower and rest in their nice and cosy air-conditioned boarding dorm, with boarding facilities provided.

Girls Boarding

With our "girls only" boarding and classroom facilities, female tahfiz students can now focus, study and rest in a comfortable, safe and conducive environment.


Study at The Sunnah School

• 6-Year Structured Program •

The Sunnah School's new 6-Year Program has been carefully designed and structured to cover the following essentials:

• Full 30 Juz' memorisation of Al Quran
• Complete Islamic Curriculum covering Grade 1 - 12
• Arabic Curriculum from Grade 1 to IGCSE level
• Preparation for iGCSE and GCE A-Level Exams

All students must sit through a detailed interview and entry exam before being given entry into The Sunnah School. Find out more about the options available, entry requirements, program fees, application procedures and other important details here.
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• Testimonials •

What Parents Are Saying...

    5 star review  This is the best school which everyone can sent their children to memorise holy Coran and sunnah of prophet Muhamad (SAW) and to get good education of Islam... I'm very happy for this school, May Allah Almighty put more Baraka in this school and all Teachers and staff and make all students good Ulama for Islam and humanity. Thank you very much The Sunnah School Allah save you...

    thumb Lamine Traore

    5 star review  My son loves his ustadzs and the school. So, what more can i say? Plus, we have seen some remarkable positive changes in him from time to time. The school is super clean and comfortable for the students to live in. All schools have pros and cons..and as for this school, the pros outweigh the cons. Hence, the 5 stars to the school management team for all the efforts and hard work.

    thumb Yasmin Ridzuan

    5 star review  Subhan Allah! This school is my dua answered for my children Hifz. As an expatriate parent, I was searching for an English Medium Tahfiz School with strong Arabic Language syllabus and teachers who would speak to the children in Arabic, not just limit to teaching it as a subject and I found the perfect match at The Sunnah School. They have qualified, loving and caring all Huffadh teachers, who love to teach, are humble and polite. My children have delevolped a deep bond with the Qur'an and a strong foundation of Arabic language. They enjoy learning and have found good role models in their teachers. I wish The Sunnah School the very best for the future.

    thumb Sonal Chugh Sumayya

Captured moments!

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• "Must Reads" For Parents •

Switching your child from a regular school to a tahfiz school to focus primarily on memorising Al Quran can be a MEGA decision for you and your spouse. Perhaps these may have crossed your mind

     1. Am I making the right choice for my child?
     2. How do I know if my child can do it?
     3. What if my child can't memorise the Quran?
          What then?

     4. Will my child be left behind academically?
     5. What lies in the future after completing hifz?

These short articles may help you better understand what it's like to put your child in a tahfiz school.

Still unsure?

Perhaps you may already feel strongly about wanting your child to memorise Al Quran and study in an Islamic environment. But why do you still feel unsure if a tahfiz school is really the best choice for your child? If you are still in 2 minds, then perhaps this article can help you.

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What's Best?

Every parent wants the best for their children. The best clothes, the best toys, the best holidays... and most importantly, the best education. But what is the price that comes along with this pursuit for the "best"? Get a totally new perspective with this article.

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You have never stayed apart from your child and you can't imagine a week or a full term away from him or her. So why even put your child in tahfiz boarding? Will the pain and sacrifice of leaving your child in boarding worth it? This article may share some insights on tahfiz boarding.

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Why Tahfiz?

Why should you single out tahfiz alone? Why not go for combined options like integrated Islamic schools and Islamic international school, which covers academics, Islamic studies and some tahfiz? Find out why focusing on tahfiz yields the best returns for your child's development.

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• Registration Is Now OPEN •

Give your child the education you wished you had.
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