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TSS Foundation Program

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Al Quran Memorisation

> 4 hours / day

Personalised tahfiz method, progress management, tajweed and reports.

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Islamic Studies Classes

1-2 hours daily

Hadiths, Authentic Duas, Tajweed, Tarbiyyah and more.

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Arabic Language

1-2 hours daily

Arabic from Al Quran, conversational Arabic, Arabic grammar and writing.

The TSS Foundation Program (tahfiz preparatory) is designed to prepare students who lack the minimum criteria to join Year 1 of the 6-year TSS Program.


All candidates MUST possess the following requirements

     1. Able to speak and write well in English
     2. BOYS and GIRLS aged 9 years and above
     3. Disciplined with good past track record
     4. Keen and motivated to learn Al Quran
     5. Possesses positive characteristics
     6. Able to heed instructions given
     7. Completes the application process

We regret that we do not have facilities to accept students with special needs.

The final decision for acceptance will be made by the TSS Admission Committee.  

TSS Foundation Program

is designed to help students attain the necessary prerequisites for entry into Year 1 of the 6-year TSS Program.

     1. Able to recite Al Quran fluently
     2. Good level of Tajweed
     3. Memorise at least Juz 30
     4. Arabic Vocab and Expressions


* Monday - Thursday
0730 - 0800     Assembly / Adhkar
0800 - 0945     Al Quran Class
0945 - 1000     Fruit Snacks
1000 - 1130     Al Quran Class
1130 - 1300     Islamic / Arabic Class
1300 - 1330     Lunch
1330 - 1400     Solatul Dhuhr
1400 - 1500     Rest and Quiet Period
1500 - 1630     Islamic / Arabic Class
1630 - 1700     Solatul Asr
1700 - 1730     Daily Tadhkirah

Changes on Friday
1000 - 1100     Al Quran Class
1100 - 1200     Islamic / Arabic Class
1200 - 1230     Lunch
1230 - 1430     Solatul Jummaah
1430 - 1500     Rest and Quiet Period

OFF DAYS: Boarding students, with the exception of full term boarding students, are allowed to leave with their parents every weekend from 8am on Saturday to 7pm on Sunday. Non-boarding students are not required to return to school on Saturdays, with some exceptions.

TERM BREAKS: Students are given 4 term breaks per year, lasting between 1 week to 4 weeks.
Please note that NO STUDENTS ARE ALLOWED TO REMAIN IN THE SCHOOL during these periods.

Class hours are from 8AM - 530PM DAILY. Non-boarding students must report to school by 730am daily and will only be allowed to leave after 530pm.

Details of Program

  • Meals and drinks provided may include breakfast, fruits, lunch and dinner. Balanced meals are prepared to keep students in good health and help enhance memorisation. Less oil, no MSG and no processed foods without compromising flavours!
  • SCHOOL FEES: RM4500 per quarter (BOARDING) | RM3600 per quarter (NON-BOARDING) | Include Meals | * Quarter = 3 months
  • OTHER FEES: Application Fees (RM200) | Registration (RM500 one time) | Refundable Deposit RM2000 | Uniform (Boys RM600, Girls RM800) | School Materials (RM300 yearly) | Technology Fees (RM100 yearly) | Digital Al Quran (RM200 one time)