TSS Year 1 Program

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Al Quran Memorisation

> 4 hours / day

Personalised tahfiz method, progress management, tajweed and reports.

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Islamic Studies Classes

1-2 hours daily

Hadiths, Authentic Duas, Tajweed, Tarbiyyah and more.

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Arabic Language

1-2 hours daily

Arabic from Al Quran, conversational Arabic, Arabic grammar and writing.

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Night Classes

1-2 hours daily

Students in boarding get an extra edge with night classes, supplemental coaching and revision.

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1 hour daily

Exercise and activity time to burn that extra energy and keep healthy!

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Weekend Routine

Every weekend

Al Quran, Islamic Studies and Arabic Classes continue over weekends.



     1. Memorisation of at least 10 juz'
     2. Year 1 Arabic Literacy
     3. Year 1 Fundamentals of Islam
     4. Year 1 Tarbiyyah and Akhlaaq

All candidates MUST possess the following requirements

     1. Good spoken and written English
     2. BOYS and GIRLS aged 10 - 12 years
     3. Able to read Al Quran fluently
     4. Memorised some short surahs
     5. Completes the application process
     6. Disciplined with good past track record
          (proof required)
     7. Keen and motivated to learn Al Quran
     8. Possesses positive characteristics
     9. Good manners and behaviour
     10. Willing to heed instructions given
     11. Agree to abide by the school rules
             and discipline policies
     12. Determined to adjust and adapt
     13. Committed to completing the full program

We regret that we do not have facilities to accept students with special needs.

The final decision for acceptance will be made by the TSS Admission Committee.


TSS Program Year 1

is the first year towards the completion of hifz for new tahfiz students.

Other Details

  • Tahfiz Program management which includes deploying personalisation of tahfiz method, progress management, tajweed coaching, daily report charting and assigning of daily homework.
  • Islamic Studies classes which include tawheed, Islamic worship (solah, fasting, zakat, etc), seerah of the Prophets and Companions, moral education and character building, memorisation of hadiths and daily duas.
  • Arabic language which includes Arabic from Al Quran, conversational Arabic, rules of Arabic language and Arabic writing.
  • Meals and drinks provided may include breakfast, fruits, lunch and dinner. Balanced meals are prepared to keep students in good health and help enhance memorisation. Less oil, no MSG and no processed foods without compromising flavours!