Concerns About Tahfiz

Concerns About Tahfiz

• Making that heavy decision •

You may already feel strongly about wanting your child to put your child in a tahfiz school. You've even found one which delivers in English. But why do you still feel unsure if this is going to be the right choice for your child?

All Good comes from Allah, but treading the path of goodness begins with our niyyah or intention. By making that choice to take your child out from their academic programs for 1-3 years to focus on memorising Al Quran, you are making your intention clear to Him that preparation for the HereAfter is definitely more crucial for your child. May Allah Reward you and increase you in goodness for your steadfastness. Ameen.

If you are having mixed feelings about placing your child in a full time boarding hifz school, it simply means that you are a normal parent. Many of us measure how "good" a school is by the quality and reputation of the academic program that offered by that school.

Our generation was taught that the right thing to do is to study hard in school, get A’s in our exam, then go on to a good university so that we can further our qualifications to find a good, well-paying job. The goal is to make it with minimal delays, progress every year and if possible even skip a grade.

But with all the focus that went into our academic education, what do you think was compromised? For most of us, it is a big part of our Deen.

Most of us grew up without having the privilege of being sent to a hifz school or a madrasah. Perhaps this was not even an option that was considered when we were planning for our future. How many friends did we have whose ambitions were to "memorise Al Quran" or "spread Islam"? With limited exposure and a society that shaped us for worldly success, most of us had a common picture of success - an impressive job title, a big house, a big car and a comfortable life with our family.

We did exactly what we planned to do based on that picture of success. We worked hard in school and got the jobs we wanted, or perhaps even better. We thought we were "successful".

Then, all of a sudden life hits us in the head. Emptiness starts to fill us and our achievements in life no longer seem as important anymore. Our hearts yearn to go back to learning more about the Deen and memorising Al Quran. But we realise that at this point late in life, the overwhelming commitments that we had taken upon ourselves cannot be pushed aside without consequences. We are taking care of our households, our old parents, our jobs, our children… We have so many deadlines to meet and responsibilities to carry out that it is so hard to make time to go for Islamic classes.

In fact, we are at an age where we may not be able to memorise a fraction of what we used to be able to. We get sleepy, our bodies tire out much quicker and indeed a discouraging struggle.

Now ask yourself, do you want your child to go through the same cycle you did?

If you look back at your own life now, 1-3 years may not seem like a very long time. Yes, your child might lose a few years on their academic learning, but at what cost? Your child might live up to 70 years old and those years away from academic school would probably be insignificant to them. But those 1-3 years spent memorising and learning Al Quran will be the most valuable education that they would ever have. It would last them a lifetime and will shape their lives, their character and how they grow up into adulthood. They would be connected to Allah and their success is both Here and HereAfter, insyaAllah.

But did you know that memorising Al Quran draws other great benefits for your child as well? These includes:

       • God-Consciousness and righteousness

       • Good character

       • Good habits

       • Increased knowledge and wisdom

       • Maturity and leadership

       • Calm and composed

       • Superb memorisation skills

       • True happiness

Memorising Al Quran is a lifelong effort. The first step is to send them to us. However, please do not set your expectation and worries above your child. There is no need for stress but there is a great need for your plentiful duas for your child and for the school. Whether or not your child successfully becomes a hafidh during the time they spend in the Sunnah School is really up to Allah. No one can guarantee complete success in becoming a hafidh, for Al Quran is Kitabullah (Allah’s Book) and He will choose whom He Pleases to contain His Book.

But what you can be sure of is that we will do our best to help your child achieve so and in addition, provide them the tools to carry on on their own if they need more time to complete their hifdh independently. In addition, the Sunnah School will strive to maintain a positive environment for the students, to draw them closer to Allah, increase their emaan, help them understand the Deen and grow their love for Al Quran and the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (pbuh). There are many benefits for sending them to such an environment for 1-3 years and the transformation in them will gear them for the rest of their lives.

You might face criticism or mockery because of your decision to take your child out from academic school to study Al Quran. But your patience will pay off immediately insyaAllah the next round there is a family gathering, and your find your child leading the prayer reciting verses Surah Al Baqarah or Surah An Nisa, with the older relatives in the rows behind him. At that moment, you know that you have done the best for your child. Furthermore, the proof from your child might inspire the rest of your family to send their children for Al Quran memorisation as well.

There are many difficult decisions to make in life, but sending your child to memorise Al Quran is the clearest one. Have trust in Allah and He will Make the outcome beneficial for your child and you, insyaAllah.

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