Tahfiz Program

Tahfiz Program

• Choosing the right school for your child •

Can you really bear that your child leaves school just to memorise Al Quran?

Let's be really honest. When we hear "tahfiz school", what truly comes to mind? Regretfully, there is a general impression that tahfiz schools are non-progressive and not beneficial towards a child's future. In fact, may Allah Forgive us, many people even find tahfiz a waste of time and only send their child to tahfiz schools as a last resort - because they feel that their child cannot cope with regular school or the child needs to be reformed in an Islamic environment. This general impression of tahfiz needs to change.

You will find that at The Sunnah School, alhamdulilah we are doing our best to create the best balance between Islamic and Western education for our students, using a very different approach. In other words, we want our students to have even more opportunities and options than even the best schools, with what they achieve once they complete their studies at TSS. So now, even the best students can memorise Al Quran, study Islam and still get straight A's in academics.

The 6-Year TSS Program

• What you have been looking for your child •


               It is finally here: TSS 6-Year Program.

               The 3 main goals of the TSS Program is for students to attain
               1. The complete memorisation of Al Quran Al Kareem with ijazah
               2. Complete Islamic Studies Education according to Al Quran and Sunnah
               3. Academics up to Cambridge GCE A Levels certification

• Preparation for this life and the next •

The goal of The Sunnah School's 6-Year Program is to help and coach students aged 10-15 years in memorising the entire Al Quran within a period of 1-3 years. Students will learn from teachers who have a strong passion to coach and guide the students on their journey. But the Tahfiz Program isn't just about memorising Al Quran. More importantly, this program teaches them to gain salvation by making Al Quran their way of life. In shaa Allah, we hope that our students will realise that Al Quran is indeed their true friend and companion in this world and the next. Students who do not meet the prerequisites for entry into Year 1 can attend the TSS Foundation Program - a training program that would provide the students with basic requirement to begin at Year 1.
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• The Sunnah School's Tahfiz Program •

Memorising Al Quran is a lifelong effort. The first step is to send your child to us.

First and foremost, please realise that a student's experience in tahfiz can either make them or break them. The last thing that you want your child to end up with is a total lack of interest to continue in tahfiz.
What you can be sure of is that we will do our best to help your child go as far as possible in the tahfiz program. They will be given the tools to carry on on their own if they need more time to complete their hifz independently. In addition, The Sunnah School will strive to maintain a positive environment for the students, to draw them closer to Allah, increase their emaan, help them understand the Deen and grow their love for Al Quran and the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (pbuh). There are many benefits for sending them to study in such an environment and the transformation in them will gear them for the rest of their lives.
Memorising Al Quran isn't just about "getting it over and done with". It is about making it an integral part of one's life and that requires time to instil. Memorising correctly can also be a challenge, especially for a non-Arab speaker. If a student is unable to read Arabic fluently or recite with the right pronunciation, there is a very high chance that the student may MEMORISE MISTAKES! It can be very time consuming to rectify these mistakes which in turn, can be severely detrimental to the student's motivation to continue with the program. Here's what we do instead.

Different Gears

The TSS system ensures that students perform at their best according to their individual memorising capabilities. This flexible yet proven system allows all students to memorise the whole Al Quran between 8 months to 3 years, while still coping with their other daily lessons.

Multiple Approaches

There are no shortcuts to memorising Al Quran and there is no cookie-cutter system. Different students learn differently, evolving at different stages. Our teachers will do their best to find the learning style that suits each student and evolve accordingly with the child.

Dynamic Tracking

Students' goals, targets and progress are being charted on a daily basis to ensure that they complete their assignment for the day. An online portal, is being used to update and tracking student's progress. Parents have individual access to this portal to keep track of their child's progress.

• Other components of the tahfiz program includes •


Character Building

Islamic morals, characters, values and etiquette are practiced on a daily basis to nurture them as part of the students' habits and characteristics. Students are also taught the principles of humility, tolerance, patience, love towards humanity, filial piety and other positive behavioural traits.

Authentic Duas

Students will also learn authentic daily duas taken from Al Quran and from authentic hadiths. Duas are taught along with their meanings. These daily dhikir help students to draw closer to Allah and seek Help from Him alone when performing a daily task.

Arabic Language

With our PRIMARY focus on Al Quran memorisation and our SECONDARY focus on studying the Arabic language and Islamic studies, students not only work their way systematically towards memorising the whole Quran, but learn how to understand and apply what they learnt.

• Requirements for entry and study •


Entry Exam

Before acceptance into the program, students are required to undergo an interview, an oral exam and a written exam. The objective of this exam is to determine if the student is ready for tahfiz, whether the student has the potential to go far in the program and which level the student would start at.

Good Track Record

Students will be required to produce their previous school's transcripts, school leaving certificate, past exam results and report of conduct or discipline. Reports or testimonials from other institutions or non-school sources may also be presented to support the application.

100% Commitment

We only take in students who will be committing to the full 6-year program. We do not have any trial or temporary arrangements in our school. The disciplined and competitive nature at TSS requires all our students to take full ownership of their learning. We do not take in students who lack full commitment or fail to maintain it throughout the program.

Positive and Self-Motivated

Students must possess a strong desire and passion to memorise Al Quran. Since students' progress may vary from time to time, frequent evaluations by would be made to determine if the student has the drive to remain positive and self-motivated throughout the program.

Adhere to School Rules

Students are expected to adhere to the school’s rules and regulations throughout period of study. The Sunnah School takes learning Al Quran very seriously and enforces strict rules to ensure that the environment and discipline levels are maintained in the best interest of students.


Students will be required to undergo strict exams every month. There will also be ongoing assignments given to students on a regular basis for them to complete and be assessed on. Students who fail to meet the progression criteria at the end of the year will not be allowed to advance to the next level.

TSS Programs

• Foundation and 6-Year Program •

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TSS Year 1 Program
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TSS Year 2 Program
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TSS Year 3 Program
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TSS Year 4 and 5 Program
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TSS Year 6 Program


• Registrations Now Open •

Limited places available.

Call us at 03-33590912 to make an early appointment for an Entry Exam & Interview.

* Entry Exam and Interview strictly by appointment only.