Why Tahfiz With Boarding

Why Tahfiz With Boarding

• Won't staying away from my child make it harder? •

Why bother to send your child to a tahfiz school? Why not just engage a teacher to coach your child daily from the comfort of your own home?

It is true that such arrangements can be made. But you will need to consider a few practical conditions before deciding what is better for your child.

       • Do you have an islamic environment at home?

       • Are there distractions at home that can affect your child?

       • Are you disciplined enough to stick to the daily schedule?

       • Can trips and day-offs be completely eliminated?

       • Will you have visitors coming to see your child?

       • Can you be around to ensure that your child really learns?

       • If the teacher is unable to continue, do you have a backup plan?

If you find it challenging to meet all these conditions, then it would be in the best interest of your child to consider a tahfiz school with boarding, if the desired goal is for the complete memorisation of Al Quran.

It is true that there are many places that offer full day, half day and weekend hifz classes with results. But one of the reasons why you should seriously consider putting your child in a full day boarding program because it takes much, much more than memorising to INTERNALISE Al Quran.

Many parents feel that memorising Al Quran is about memorising 604 pages and then going back to the real world to focus on education for getting a job. But that is not the objective of tahfiz. Tahfiz is about moulding your child to be able to KEEP those 604 pages for the rest of their lives.

The "container", which is your child, has to learn how to purify him or herself, keep away from sins, perform acts of worship correctly, abide by the Sunnah, develop an Islamic character and continually strive to please Allah- in the quest to be all-deserving to contain Al Quran. And this may require a great transformation in your child.

The Sunnah School will provide the right environment for your child to take the program as more than just a platform for memorising Al Quran, but rather a more holistic approach, incorporating Islamic elements into their lifestyles and living day to day according to the Sunnah.

Character building, discipline, establishing an Islamic routine, developing good eating habits and proper sleeping patterns will all help to enhance their learning and memorising. Students will learn intensively for throughout their time in school and will be given assignments to keep their momentum undeterred during off days and holidays. This keeps them focus and unaffected by the distractions that they may be found at home, or with their friends.

During the stages of Arabic learning, the teachers will progress from using English as the primary medium of communication to Arabic. By the end of the hifz program, students can communicate in Arabic, grasp the generic meanings of Al Quran and read fluently. InshaAllah, they will be spiritually connected and reciting Al Quran may bring tears to their eyes as they understand the depth of what Allah has Spoken to us through His Verses. Being literate in Arabic may also be beneficial for the child who wishes to pursue studies in Arabic medium schools or universities or with families who wish to visit or move to Arab countries.

We ask Allah to Keep us all on the path of the Righteous with hope, determination, steadfastness and patience. Ameen.

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